The Model United Nations (MUN) – Learning by being on ‘the international stage’

During the last weekend in November Ignacio (4th year of Secondary) and Alejandra (2nd year of Bachillerato) were participating in the annual ISP Model United Nations Conference – an event that brings students together from all over the ISP global community of schools.  For the second consecutive year the conference was held on-line. 

The MUN is one of Fontenebro International School’s International Learning Opportunities for Students and gives our students the experience to not only participate in an international conference with the aim of working together to find solutions to real problems but also to learn about the working procedures of the United Nations as well as improve research,  writing and communication skills.  

The learning journey for Nacho, in his first year participating, and Alejandra, in her second year, started 7 weeks before the conference as each one attended onĺine training sessions.  These sessions were tailored for the specific roles that Nacho and Alejandra would be performing. Nacho was a delegate representing Thailand in the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Committee whereas Alejandra this year was part of the team of Dais staff that ensured the committee – in her case the United NationsConference on Trade and Development –  ran smoothly in terms of the procedures and supporting the delegates where necessary.  Alejandra also gave valuable feedback to delegates on their position papers, which each delegate researches and writes stating their country’s position on the issue to be debated. 

The MUN conference was also an opportunity to listen to distinguished guest speakers from the United Nations and help our students develop a greater understanding for the role of the United Nations and the need to collaborate and find agreement in order to pursue the objectives of the United Nations. 

It was great to see our students perform so well in their roles and enjoy being part of this unique learning opportunity which I am sure will stay with them for a very long time.


Mike West

ISP Model United Nations Coordinator