On Friday, April 1st, the last Literary Gathering took place before the Easter holidays, attended by secondary and high school students on a voluntary basis.

The book on which the discussion was developed was Caraval, the first book of a trilogy that we can describe as perfect for lovers of fantastic literature.

Two first-year high school students, María and Natalia, leave us their opinions about the novel and the experience of attending the gathering.

“Stephanie Garber’s book Caraval deals with the story of two completely different sisters who, despite that, protect each other. This relationship created disparate opinions among the members of the gathering, although we all liked the way it was written and the complexity of the plot.

Among the highlights, we were impressed by how many plot twists it contains and how they throw you off balance. Also a faculty that the protagonist, Scarlett, possesses, known as synesthesia, which gives rise to very vivid and sensory descriptions. Other scenes were not so nice, but the author managed to make them distressing but enriching to read. Overall, it’s a very captivating book that managed to hook even people who might not initially be attracted to the book’s genre”

The attending students shared opinions about the interesting subject matter offered by this novel, a fast read that keeps the reader interested from start to finish.

Once again, the time we shared became very short.

See you at the next gathering that will take place after the May bridge, in which we will read, decided by consensus of the attendees, the second part of this trilogy entitled “Legendary”

Beatriz Dapena Testa
Library Responsible