On May 27th we held another Literary Gathering with parents of students, in which we were extremely lucky to have the presence of the author.

The selected book was “Insomnia”, by Daniel Martín Serrano.

Pedro, father of a school student and a regular at our gatherings, shares a brief analysis of the novel:

Synopsis: A desperate police inspector will have to descend into hell to apprehend a murderer of women while an undaunted insomnia makes him mistake reality for fiction.

Comments: This is a fast-paced psychological thriller, in which the author nimbly immerses us in the heart of the action and shows us his mastery of the tools of the genre.

One of the work’s greatest attractions lies in how it manages to flirt with the reader through each of its pages, despite the fact that it gives them a high dose of information from the very beginning of the plot. A risky equation that only the most seasoned teachers dare with.

Literary gathering: During the gathering we had the opportunity to put a face to Daniel Martín Serrano and enjoy his generosity for almost an hour and learn about his “creative fears” of being able to get ahead of the inspector before finishing the plot.

When the novel is finished, a question floats in the air, the second novel for when? Time will tell… ”

Maria Luisa, mother of students at the school, tells us about the gathering with Daniel: “how pleasant the meeting with Daniel was. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak with the author, very accessible and natural, and share with you this reading that right now is my favorite. I already follow Daniel on Twitter and I have commented on his book, of course.

It is difficult today to find a round reading, not only because of the plot, characters, environment, …, but because of the style, structure, language. I have long missed an enriching reading, not easy, but very accessible. How it goes from the past to the present, changing the verb tenses, bringing us closer to the anguish of Tomás and all the characters, and leading us towards a surprising but round ending. The one that had to be. As I said yesterday “Spanish ending”, in which reality is reality and not a Hollywood surreality. That is why I like Spanish cinema because the endings are as they have to be.

It shows that he is a screenwriter, that he has taken the world’s time to write this masterpiece and that I don’t know if he will be able to overcome it, but it does not matter, there is this job.

Thank you very much for facilitating the meeting, making it more dynamic and for your smile and good humor. I hope to see our faces soon, sharing those coffees that you talk about ”

Belén also shares a comment about the gathering: “A fascinating book. It grabs you from start to finish. Highlight how well written it is. Thanks Daniel for this experience. Brilliant work! ”

Thanks to the attendees, and see you at the June gathering.

Beatriz Dapena Testa
Library Manager

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