Last Thursday, June 15, after many setbacks and difficulties, eight students and two teachers from Fontenebro International School went to the Endesa Foundation’s RetoTech festival… and we’re not going to lie to you, we were very nervous. Would you like our project? Would we know how to transmit all the work and learning that was behind it? Would it be up to the rest?

We were also very excited and when we arrived at the Endesa Foundation headquarters, they gave us our credentials, we saw our stand…we began to be infected with emotion.

Thus, when teachers and students from other schools began to come to see our work, we began to enjoy it. Likewise, we loved seeing the projects of the other centers and voting for our favorites. In fact, we were very happy when the ones who had impressed us the most won. Congratulations!

We left very satisfied and happy, for everything we have lived and learned and proud of ourselves. It has been a great experience! Without a doubt, it was a fantastic day.

Thanks for everything to the organization and the rest of the centers for the good atmosphere and all the preparation for the event to go so well.

We leave you a short video summary of our experience: