Laude Fontenebro achieve excellent results and open their new junior school facilities.

Our school, Laude Fontenebro School in Moralzarzal has already opened the new facilities that allow us to have only one site to give physical and  methodological continuity to the entire education project from 1 to 18 years old

The incorporation of the pre-school stage to the site of the school will enrich the work of all the teaching staff as it makes sharing experiences and good practice so much easier.  In addition, it helps with the transition between the different educational levels.

The parents of all the pre-school stage children visited the new facilities last week and expressed their utmost satisfaction with the remodelling and design of the classrooms.






The design of the junior school area forms part of a more ambitious global project that has as its objective to design new educational spaces which are more appropriate for learning, more open, flexible and inspiring and fall within the continuous improvement plan of our educational project that is achieveing excelents results.

Laude Fontenebro finished the 2015/16 school year with 93% of students taking the university entrance exam in June with 100% pass rate and one of our students. Blanca Lacruz, achieved the second highest mark in Spain with a mark of 13.9 out of 14.

The Primary level exams all the average marks for the different subject areas were higher than the average of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, ranging from being 0.5% higher to up to 1.3% higher in the case of English in Year 7.


100% of students from the Music School who took the Trinity College of London exams passed and half passed with honours.

In addition, 100% of students who sat the external language exams of Cambridge, Goethe Institute and Alliance also passed  with excellent results.

This improvement plan continues in all areas of the school enabling Laude Fontenebro to establish itself as the best private school in the North West of Madrid.






Alicia Alonso, Head of Laude Fontenebro School with Blanca Lacruz, pupil and second highest mark in selectivity with her mother and Rafael Alonso, Bachillerato Coordinator.