Selectividad 2023 Madrid: 100% OF PASSES

The good results of the Selectividad 2023 in Madrid at Fontenebro School, located in the north of Madrid, stand out for the high academic performance and effective preparation of its students. Thanks to the dedication and focus on educational excellence, the school’s students have achieved outstanding scores in this key assessment for access to higher education.

Fontenebro School has stood out for providing a solid academic education, which is reflected in the good results obtained by its students in the Selectividad Madrid 2023. The institution has a team of highly qualified teachers who teach the core and modality subjects necessary for the exam, providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully face this demanding test.

In addition, the school is committed to providing a stimulating and motivating learning environment, fostering the holistic development of students. This includes the promotion of effective study skills, the encouragement of autonomy and critical thinking, as well as emotional support to face the preparation period and the Selectividad exams.

Thanks to these factors, students at Fontenebro School have excelled in the Selectividad 2023, obtaining outstanding results that open doors to a wide range of higher education options. The good results reflect the school’s commitment to academic excellence and the success of its students on the road to university education.

Here are the full details:

  • 100 % pass rate in the June examination after having taken 85 % of the Promotion in the first examination.
  • Average mark in the General Phase : 7.63 (out of 10)
  • In 69% of the General Phase exams, students obtain a grade of “B” or “A” (37 “A” exams, 73 “B” exams out of a total of 160 exams).
  • The average mark in English is 8.76 (out of 10).
  • The average university entrance mark is 10.644.
  • 20 % of the graduating class has an entrance mark of more than 12 out of 14.
  • 70 % of the graduating class has an entrance mark of more than 10 out of 14.





Frequently asked questions about Selectividad 2023 Madrid


What is the Selectividad?


The Selectividad, also known as the Evaluación de Acceso a la Universidad, is an exam that students who wish to enter higher education in Spain must take. This exam evaluates the knowledge acquired in the baccalaureate and is used by universities to determine the admission of students.


When will the Selectividad 2023 take place in Madrid?


The exact dates for the Selectividad 2023 in Madrid have not yet been announced. I would recommend that you check with your local high school or university, as they usually set the exam timetable.


What subjects are assessed in the Selectividad?


In the Selectividad, the general core subjects of the baccalaureate are assessed, which usually include Spanish Language and Literature, History of Spain, Foreign Language (English, French, German, etc.) and one subject of modality (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.), depending on the branch of the baccalaureate you have studied.


How many tests are there in the Selectividad?


Normally, two tests are taken: a general test, which assesses knowledge of the common subjects, and a specific test, which assesses knowledge of the modality subjects. In addition, there may be specific tests for access to certain university degrees.


How is the Selectividad mark calculated?


The Selectividad mark is calculated from the weighted average of the marks obtained in the different tests taken. The weighting varies according to the university and the autonomous community, but generally the Selectividad mark is combined with the Baccalaureate mark to obtain the university entrance mark.