The Guidance Service has a number of different programmes to support the teaching and learning process, and is run by educational psychologists.

Beatriz Escrivá Ruiz
Eva Paredes Carrasco
Esther Domínguez:

The Guidance Service is available to parents, students and tutors, and is staffed by three full-time qualified educational psychologists who work as a team supporting each student and exchanging information with their tutors. The Guidance Service arranges regular one-on-one meetings with all our students.

In Secondary and Baccalaureate, the Guidance Service advises our students in the selection of optional subjects and university degrees. The department also offers support and guidance to parents to assist with family situations that may be complicated or stressful for the student.

Our students are offered advice when it comes to planning their study timetable, organising themselves and working on their skills, especially in Secondary.

Having contact with families is highly valued by our school. Each teacher arranges at least one tutoring session per term with each of their students. These tutoring sessions are used to discuss all information provided by different teachers.


One essential part of this service is the design and application of measures to prevent and intervene in cases of learning difficulties. We can adapt our teaching, content and assessment methods to students’ needs as a way of improving their performance.


It is important to have all the information you need when moving onto another year or stage and choosing between different academic and professional options. We encourage our students to research information and be aware of the structures and networks available to them. We also design learning strategies that can be applied to the course.
This guidance is complemented by:

Guidance Workshop: This is geared towards Year 4 Secondary students. They are given a series of questionnaires and activities to help them make the right choice.

Visit to “The country with your future”: Baccalaureate students attend this event held in December and listen to speakers in relation the different types of Baccalaureate studied.

Universities Fair: This is arranged as a school activity, with 14 different universities in attendance who set up stands in the library for Baccalaureate students to visit and get information.

Visit to AULA: A visit to this event is arranged in March to round off the work that has been carried out during the year.

The school also has a full Tutorial Action Plan to ensure that our students are monitored correctly in all areas: academic and personal.

  • Each tutor has one hour of mentoring a week with the students of each class.
  • The coordinators of each stage meet once a week with the tutors of each course to monitor students on an individual basis.
  • Each group tutor has one hour a week to meet with families.