Santa Claus visits Laude Fontenebro School

Nearby Sources inform us that yesterday December 16th, 2019 Santa Claus wanted to make a pit stop on his long trip to meet the Early Years students at Laude Fontenebro School.

Santa Claus, known as “Papá Noel” by most of our children, arrived very tired from his amazing and wonderful journey from the northern lands. However, he wanted to meet each and every one of the little ones who learn at our school.

During Santa’s stay he had time to talk, sing, and play with them and of course handed out some sweets, too. Santa collected all the letters of the youngest students who reacted with surprise and admiration and did not stop trying to get his attention to tell him how well they behave and everything they are learning.

All the teachers told Santa Claus how happy they are because of the enthusiasm and commitment that the children at our school demonstrate to learn more and better.

In addition, Alicia, the School Principal praised “the enthusiasm and curiosity that our youngest students show every day.” She also thanked Santa for his visit and had the courtesy to invite him for the years to come, as what is now considered to be an official stop on the route that Santa takes every year.

Meanwhile, the reindeer Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Dasher and Dancer had the opportunity to take a “siesta” in the backyard near the Garden, where our colleagues Javi and Fernando fed them all kinds of delicacies to regain their strength .

Santa Claus, after having a coffee with pastries in the Principal’s office, set out again to continue his arduous but exciting work of giving joy to each and every one of the children in the world.

Merry Christmas

Source: FonteNews