Robotics in times of Covid

This course we have had the technology workshop closed by the Covid19 protocols, however we have not resigned ourselves to not being able to fiddle with our Zum Kits Advanced.

In the last quarter we have worked with the kits creating robots with recycled materials in the 2nd ESO classrooms themselves. It has had its difficulties, personalized kits so that only the same equipment, tools, materials and limited spaces could touch them … but everything has been solved based on creativity and enthusiasm.

The students have been able to learn a lot about electronic components, robot design and programming by blocks and with Arduino code.

In the following photos you can see some results and in the videos we see some robots in action.[ess_grid settings='{“entry-skin”:”1″,”layout-sizing”:”boxed”,”grid-layout”:”even”,”spacings”:”0″,”rows-unlimited”:”off”,”columns”:”3″,”rows”:”2″,”grid-animation”:”fade”,”use-spinner”:”0″}’ layers='{“custom-image”:{“00″:”12093″,”01″:”12095″,”02″:”12097″,”03″:”12099″,”04″:”12101″,”05″:”12103″},”custom-type”:{“00″:”image”,”01″:”image”,”02″:”image”,”03″:”image”,”04″:”image”,”05″:”image”},”use-skin”:{“00″:”-1″,”01″:”-1″,”02″:”-1″,”03″:”-1″,”04″:”-1″,”05″:”-1″},”title”:{“00″:”Mr Smart”,”01″:”Programming Robo Car”,”02″:”Robo CAR”,”03″:”Sand Tank”,”04″:”Spider Bot”,”05″:”Vader Bot”}}’][/ess_grid]

Video Spider Bot

Video Robo Car

I hope they are of interest!

Luis Zumárraga
Technology and Robotics Teacher