On Friday, March 4th, the school doors opened again to receive our Alumni with all the pertinent security measures.

After two years in which the situation experienced has not allowed us to celebrate this event, our former students have returned to the place where they grew up and have been able to share their present and past experiences with part of the teachers with whom they shared classrooms.

It is always very exciting for the Fontenebro staff to celebrate this event, in which we see with great pride, those students who left our classrooms a while ago and who today come with a different life and transformed into men and women with much to contribute and with a large number of lived experiences.

A school is much more than a building… it is a community, it is a spirit, it is forging people who are capable of joining and developing in the changing and complex world in which we live.

A day to remember, in which anecdotes, smiles and memories have intermingled in a pleasant atmosphere that allows all the staff to gather strength to face the end of the course with great optimism and vitality.

Thanks to all those who have been able to attend and to those who from a distance have not been able to be present, but have sent us your love.

Rafael Alonso
Bachillerato Coordinator