Time and the advancement of technologies make the way of conceiving education change. According to experts, 3D technology applied to education improves understanding, saves time, generates more lasting knowledge, favors more attentive and cooperative students and personalizes teaching.

Working at the school I have had the great opportunity to participate in the regular virtual reality classes taught at Fontenebro International School. And I refer to “great opportunity”, not because it is a special occasion, since this technology has been used in our school for many years, but because it has allowed me to verify the privilege that we are offering our children and students to learn from a much more experiential, active and motivating way.

On one occasion I attended a class on World War II taught, not by the teacher of the subject, but by the students themselves, who through an Ipad and with the help of a series of previously prepared and outlined notes, addressed their explanations to the other students.

At the same time, the rest of the students would acquire knowledge about the Invasion of the Soviet Union, the Normandy landings, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc… while they watched the entire process live and in 3D virtual reality, perfectly set, immersed ” live” through their glasses, in the reality of that time and showing an emotion absolutely unusual for their age for what they were learning. Incredibly motivating and exciting learning. Even some teacher and myself couldn’t stop exclaiming a loud Ooooooh!

But not only our older students learn this way. Also in Early Years, he has recently had the opportunity to observe how our “little ones in the house” learn about Space and the Universe, immersed in a virtual reality that leaves them perplexed and amazed. They hallucinate flying through space while they see the planets, stars and constellations in a real situation and outdoors. Exciting experiences at school that are sure to be etched in the memory of their curious little brains for a lifetime.

The 3D learning experience has impacted me with its ability to create 360-degree scenes within the classroom, which undoubtedly creates more vivid and emotional experiences for students. Fantastic experience! I wish we had had the opportunity to learn like this before!

Silvia Navas Piñana
Head od Admissions and Marketing