As part of the interdisciplinary project Land, Sea and Sky in 3rd grade, in plastic, after creating special pokemon cards, the students worked on the patterns, designing and making some boxes to store the final product of the project 👏🏻

They began to internalize the concept by identifying patterns in different animals and surprising to find them also in their clothes, pencil cases, notebooks… 😲

Next, a differentiation between geometric and organic shapes will be presented and, after a quick review of the cold and warm colors worked on the special cards, everything learned will be put into practice by designing their own shape and color patterns in teams 😀

Its materialization was individual and involved the application of different techniques such as tracing or collage, in addition to folding and assembling the box itself 📦

When they finished, not only was the concept clear to them with so much repetition, but they also learned to value the work of designers and were excited to create an object that they could use 😊

Quite an experience! 🤩