Throughout this month we have focused on talking about SELF-ESTEEM. We have learned what this word means and how it is intimately linked to the word RESPECT. This wonderful story by Olga de Dios always ends up hooking my little listeners and asking me to tell them the stories of the rest of the characters that appear (Blue Monster, Yellow Bird, Three-eyed Frog…), beautiful stories full of emotion that speak of empathy , resilience, tolerance and diversity… Words that lead us to emotional well-being.

With its dedication: “For all those people who at some point have felt like a Pink Monster”, this story invites us to dare to look for a PLACE where we can be ourselves, where we are respected for who we are and where our differences make that PLACE an enriching site where every day is an adventure.

Are we looking for that PLACE? ☺

Beatriz Escrivá
Emotional Education Teacher and Primary Counselor