The new ISP Buddy Exchange Programme launched in autumn 2018 with the first student exchanges taking place from February 2019 onwards.

The programme enables reciprocal learning exchanges between ISP schools for a period of one month for students aged 14–17. Our students have the unique opportunity to connect with other people, other cultures and other countries and can experience another truly collaborative learning experience.

The ISP Buddy Exchange Programme offers our students amazing and diverse learning opportunities within a safe and secure environment. Buddy exchange students are able to gain real-world learning skills and greater independence. They prepare for a trip across the world, live in a new home with a new and supportive family, have the chance to thrive in a new learning environment with projects and assignments aimed at their level of learning and understanding, and they receive daily support and guidance from colleagues and other students in their new school. Students enjoy a memorable international and cultural learning experience to develop their language skills, communicate ideas in a different way, share good practice and create long-term friendships across the world.

To find out more about the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme, please contact your school’s Admissions Office.

A goal that we set for ourselves as a school for the current academic year was to take advantage of the opportunities that belonging to an international group of 32 schools around the globe could offer our students. In this vein, I am pleased to share The ISP Buddy Exchange Programme with you, which will allow students in their third and fourth year of ESO and first year of Baccalaureate to spend a minimum of one month at a school in the group: ( The only costs are airfare, visa costs (where applicable), travel insurance, medical coverage and pocket money for personal spending.
Students will be accommodated by host families, whose children are students at the destination school. They will be responsible for caring for your child. It is important to bear in mind that while reciprocity is desirable, families can send students without being host families and vice versa. We are grateful to anyone who might be interested in hosting foreign students, even if your children are not taking part in the programme. Please let us know if you are interested in enquiring further.

The host family will be responsible for the student from the time he/she arrives at the airport and will need to offer a bedroom, which may be shared with students of the same sex, a study area, and a welcoming, attentive and friendly family environment.

The programme will start in January with a total of two students per school, but we trust that this number will increase in the years to come. To be eligible for the programme, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in their third or fourth year of ESO or their first year of Baccalaureate.
  • Have a certified level of English similar to B2 or above.
  • Have been at our school for at least one school year.
  • Have an adequate academic record and exemplary personal qualities and behaviour. This ensures that our student is a good ambassador for the school

Students who are interested and fulfil the above criteria can pick up an application form and return it filled out at the office of the School Director, Deputy Director or Secondary Coordinator. Applicants will need to demonstrate their suitability for the programme in a face-to-face interview with the School Director.