Our Ecological Patrol is already in action

Today we have celebrated the annual presentation of the members of our Ecological Patrol of the course 22/23. #ecowarriors

As an Eco-school, we have established the code of conduct that must be taken into account in each of the classrooms. Monitoring of compliance with the code of conduct will be carried out by the Ecological Patrol of our school.

We have also introduced our Nature Goblin, Ecoescuela’s mascot who will accompany us throughout the course to meet our goals.

“ I like to learn at this Eco-school because that way we can help the planet, which is polluted, and we learn to collaborate so that our planet is cleaner. At my school we collect garbage, and sometimes we carry out demonstrations with posters in the courtyards to encourage others not to throw garbage and classify it in the appropriate containers”


– Adriana, 6th grade student-