Our first steps “in the functions”

First steps in the functions … And never better said!

In 1st year of Secondary, we are learning, for the first time, the functions that will accompany us throughout our academic and probably professional career. We have worked them from the concept of “function machine” and transformations, with Geogebra, with pencil and paper … And today we have all become points, with their two coordinates, and we have represented them. It has been a different way of approaching the functions, their meaning, their points, the calculations necessary to obtain the values ​​of the points … In small groups we have previously worked on various functions on paper and later we have represented them on a coordinate axis that we have painted leaning on the floor tiles as a unit. Throughout the week we will continue working on it and checking the level of understanding and learning that we are acquiring with all these dynamics and experiences.

Ana Isabel Siguero Chinchilla
Head of Science and Mathematics Department