The contemporary world confronts us with new challenges in the training of future citizens and professionals who, due to technological transformation, will see how many of the jobs currently carried out by people will end up being automated.

The three human machines in capacities that can be replaced by one are creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. It is of vital importance that our students develop these skills as part of their training: people capable of looking at themselves and knowing themselves, of generating innovation and new methodologies to solve new problems, and of relating in community. That is why our school Fontenebro International School with our theater group It is not what seems to bet on those values ​​and during this school year we are working on the representation of three plays Bodas de sangre, by Federico García Lorca; Pic nic, by Fernando Arrabal and Ganas de reñir, by the Álvarez Quintero brothers.

The theater group It is not what it seems, made up of students from the Secondary courses, aims to facilitate access to the theater for our students so that, later, they themselves are the ones who approach it; as well as creating in them curiosity about classic works by experiencing that despite having been conceived in other times they have not lost their freshness or relevance.

On December 21st we had the opportunity to represent the theatrical interlude Ganas de reñir where our actresses Lucía Aceituno and Silvia Abril from 1st Secondary enjoyed and were able to demonstrate everything they had learned.

Next May you will be able to enjoy at the Municipal Theater of Moralzarzal the play Bodas de sangre that we are preparing with great effort and enthusiasm.

You are all invited!

Natalia Galvis Ariza
Language, Literature and Theater Teacher