We are pleased to announce that the ISP family has a new member: British School of Geneva, located in Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland.

The school offers an excellent education to more than 200 students of 70 different nationalities, mainly children from local families based in Geneva. It is recognized as the only local international school offering a curriculum in English and offering standards to British.

BSG is our first center in Switzerland, and is the number 50 school of the International Schools Partnership group. We are proud of the growth of our group, as it was only 7 years ago that the group began its journey to become one of the most important educational management centers worldwide, having a presence in more than 15 countries around the world. Since 2014 we have grown together and learned from each other, and every day we go on to make our group stronger, more solid and in short, BETTER.

Now, our mission is to meet and support our new member to make BSG the reference school in the local area, and we are sure we will succeed!

To meet the new member of the International School Partnership, visit their website at the following link: