At the last book fair I had the pleasure of listening to the presentation of the new book by Arantxa de las Heras and Tania Fresneda (Ed. Llerubi). Neither Monster nor Mouse is a beautiful illustrated story that talks about assertiveness and self-esteem, key concepts to work on opposition skills in Emotional Education class. 


We read the story in the 2nd EPO, we talked about the emotions that appeared in it, we commented on when we could have behaved like Mon the Monster or like Ton the Mouse and we even dramatized some situations. 

Finally we got down to work to create our own sheets of tears of wishes in watercolor to ask the watercolor fairy: to believe in me, that my father does not work so much, to see relatives who have died again, not to give up, to have superpowers, that my parents don’t argue, that it’s already summer, being braver, being less shy, dreaming incredible things, knowing how to handle my anger, etc., etc. 

It has been very nice to know their wishes and how they have come later to tell me that some of them had been fulfilled.


Beatriz Escrivá

Emotional education