We manipulate the geometry to understand it better

All geometric bodies have many elements that are important to know, but it is not always easy to understand or visualize them, nor do all of us have the same facility to imagine or interpret them from a flat drawing. Knowing geometry, understanding it and constructing it is very important for students. It develops creativity, spatial vision, relates the abstract and the concrete, allows us to better understand reality, shapes, spaces, structures … For these and more reasons, we are working on geometry from the first year of ESO in a manipulative way , being participants in the entire work process with some of the 3D geometric figures that we want to understand: prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders … Flat developments, relationships between some volumes, elements, concepts, relationships and calculations in the different figures … Geometry is better learned, starting from the elements that make up each body and understanding what the different formulas that are needed to calculate areas and volumes mean. Teamwork, collaboration, research, experimentation …

Ana Isabel Siguero Chinchilla
Head of Science and Mathematics Department