Literary gathering en Fontenebro International School

The last literary gathering held at our school was a vibrant gathering where the participating mothers shared their insightful reviews in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The enthusiasm was palpable and, inspired by the positive experiences, we extend a cordial invitation to all families to join future gatherings, enriching our literary conversations with the warmth of a good coffee.

We share with you two testimonies from attendees at this last gathering, thanking you for your involvement and participation and of course we look forward to all of you who have not yet attended to continue exploring the fascinating world of literature together!

 “Once again these literary encounters prepared by Beatriz Dapena have revealed to me a very interesting author. Stefan Zweig has managed to captivate me with a small novel like “Letter to a Stranger”. It manages to describe the emotions of the protagonist with great stylistic beauty and empathize with her. It tells of a woman’s platonic love and obsession with a man, and what she is capable of sacrificing to avoid being a burden to him. Although it takes place in another era, the feelings expressed are current. But there are many other topics discussed such as death, poverty, gender inequality…Details that have been addressed in this gathering under the leadership of Beatriz, who has shown us biographical data of the author, as well as external opinions that have enriched the session. These encounters allow me to discover aspects of this novel that I would not otherwise see. I’m looking forward to going to the next one.”

Olga Guzman


“It was my first day and I felt very comfortable being able to share impressions about Sweig with you. Thank you for the welcome. The choice of the book was very good, I would never have come across it through my circle of friends and family. Discovering the immersive way in which the author writes has left me perplexed. I’ll note something: thank you Bea for clarifying that Sweig does not give us the name of any of the protagonists!!! Note that I didn’t realize it until you told us at the gathering: what is her name? Hahaha I hope to see you on the 26th.”

Ana Núñez.