ISP Film Festival: It’s Showtime!

Finally, the opportunity has come to see the work done for several months by all the participants in the ISP Film Festival. A total of 33 teams from ISP schools around the world have participated in this fantastic activity in which they have been able to learn about audiovisual production. All teams have made a 5-minute short.

Here we include links to the three showreels with the shorts from all teams that are distributed as follows:

Bobina 1    LINK: The Showreel – Part 1
1. In question of minutes. I wish I hadn’t gone to school that day, Laude El Altillo School, Spain
2. Clued Out, Lynn-Rose School, Canada
3. The Shape of My Emotions, St JUde School, Costa Rica
4. Night Changes, Liceo Panamericano Centenario, Ecuador
5. In Cold Blood, ITJ Santa Mónica, Mexico, Team 2
6. Overdose, Tenby International School Tropicana Aman, Malaysia
7. Danseur á Mort, ITJ Valle Real, Mexico 
8. The Kid-Napper, International School Andalucía, Spain
9. The Online Heist, Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park, Malaysia
10. S.M.A.R.T; St George’s College, Perú
Bobina 2    LINK: The Showreel – Part 2
11. Bye Mom, Baton Rouge International School, USA
12. Stage 7, ITJ Palomar, Mexico 
13. The Test, Laude Newton College, Spain
14. Rojo, Liceo Panamericano  Samborondón, Ecuador 
15. SPIN, Laude The Lady Elizabeth School, Spain  
16. Overwhelmed, ITJ Zona Esmeralda, Mexico, Team 1
17. The Book’s Mystery, CPV Agustinas and CPV Las Condes, Chile
18. School, Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens, Malaysia
19. Cheap Shot, Bellevue Children’s Academy & Willows Preparatory School, USA
20. Online Love, ITJ Zona Esmeralda, Mexico, Team 2
Bobina 3   LINK:   The Showreel – Part 3
21. The Dead Time,  CPV Providencia, Chile
22. Inner Monsters, Laude Fontenebro School, Spain 
23. Revolution, Tenby Schools Penang, Malaysia
24. Detectives – Donut Joke, The British School of Málaga, Spain
25. The White Room, ITJ Querétaro, Mexico
26. State of Limerence, Colegio La Colina, Colombia
27. I Wish We Hadn’t Ruined Our Planet, ITJ Santa Mónica, Mexico, Team 1
28. Thank You Big C, Asia Pacific Schools, Malaysia
29. Addendum, Tomás Alva Edison School, Mexico
30. The Way, The British School of Almería, Spain
31. The Silent Girl, Tenby Schools Ipoh, Malaysia
32. Reflection , CPV Peñalolén, Chile
33. Betcha, Claremont School, UK
La duración total de las bobinas es de casi tres horas, para facilitar el visionado os hemos marcado en negrita algunos de los más interesantes.
Espero que los disfrutéis tanto como hemos disfrutado nosotros haciéndolos!
Luis Zumárraga
For more information: Colegio Privado Madrid