ISP Big Read

Belonging  to ISP Schools has given us the great opportunity to participate in The ISP Big Read.

The ISP Big Read was a four-week-long event where ISP School students aged 6 -12 came  together to celebrate the joy of reading and writing. ISP students accelerated their reading skills on the award-winning platform Reading Eggs, wrote stories with the inspiration and guided support of the Story Factory, as well as participated in a variety of narrative-based activities in the classroom. Our young readers were inspired even more with guest speaker sessions where ISP students had the exclusive opportunity of meeting some famous authors!

We were able to develop this dazzling opportunity throughout the following key activities.

An ISP Library with access to 1000s of books, the ISP Library offers an extensive list of suggested reads for different age groups under a new theme each week. This  was a valuable contribution because students were encouraged to read a pre-selected collection of books on Reading Eggs focusing on Nature, Arts and Creativity, Culture and Travel and Global Awareness. Books were complemented with interactive activities on the platform to support comprehension and get the most out of reading!

Story Factory:

Each week, students were invited to use the ‘Story Factory’ featured on Reading Eggs to write their own story. Our young writers responded to a set of pictures and followed a step-by-step guide to create and write their own stories. The top stories were  included in the ISP Big Read Anthology!

Thanks to this participants not only accelerated their reading skills and improved their English comprehension, but also learnt more about different writing styles and got better at writing stories in English.

Meet the Author sessions

ISP Big Readers had the unique opportunity of meeting famous authors who shared their experience  and inspiration of being children’s writers.

The joy of reading and writing has been truly captured by the ISP Big Read!

Belén Perera
ISP Big Read Coordinator