International Mindedness and Communication – A new subject in Primary to help our students become effective global citizens

This academic year sees the introduction of a new subject for our Primary students – ‘International mindedness and communication’ (IMC) and it is one that has an ambitious learning goal: to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become effective global citizens. 


What is International mindedness?

International mindedness is a way of thinking – a mindset. Education expert Carolyn Savage defined it in the following words “Put simply, international mindedness means understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures, embracing diversity and knowing that different perspectives have a great deal to offer’.  We feel our students of all ages in Primary can begin to acquire this mindset in order to become effective global citizens of the future. 



Why International Mindedness?

Our school’s name contains the word ‘international’, we are implementing a new international curriculum in Secondary (), Primary students continue to learn through the International Primary Curriculum with its specific international learning goals and we are fortunate to be able to offer our students international learning opportunities as a consequence of forming part of the ISP community of schools across the globe.  For all these reasons, the concept of having a subject dedicated to developing an international mindset, while improving communication skills,  is very much a logical step for the school. 


The International Mindedness and Communication learning goals support learners in developing a

curiosity and interest in the world through exploring and developing an understanding of multiple perspectives.  In addition, the International learning goals directly contribute to developing a person who is globally competent, future ready, socially conscious and motivated to positively contribute locally and globally. 


Our students will be developing their communication skills throughout the course through a range of presentation activities, debates for the older students and also DRAMA activities that allow our students to explore not only their creativity but also looking at issues from different perspectives  – a key component of having an international mindset.  


Some learning so far

Already this year, with Rachael Walley the 1st Year students have travelled on their paper aeroplanes to Scotland where they have learned a Scottish dance  while the 2nd Year students have looked at the flora and fauna around the school with their homemade binoculars. In addition, students from 3rd Year are learning a song about the 3Rs  as well as making musical instruments from waste material and thereby raising awareness of the global issue of pollution.    With Mike West, 5th year students have created and delivered a presentation about their concerns with social media and how it can impact on their rights as children. The 4th year students  have debated about the need to protect all animals and the 6th year students are busy creating a news report about a natural disaster somewhere around the globe.  


Fontenebro International School wants to ensure that we are  providing  our students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding to be globally competent and be internationally minded and this new subject helps with this ambitious yet important aim. 


Mike West

Head of Learning

Coordinator of International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS)