Gimkana Scientist_Mathematics

Gimkana Scientist-Mathematics
March 2021
Mathematics Month

In November 2019, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO proclaimed March 14 of each year as the International Day of Mathematics and from that moment, the month of March activities for the teaching and dissemination of mathematics are carried out throughout the world. world.

Throughout the month, we have carried out different activities at the school in all the courses, and at the end of the term, from the science, mathematics and arts departments, we organized a ginkana for all high school students.

Some of the objectives of the activity were:

  • Review the contents worked on in the quarter
  • Relate the different subjects in the tests (art, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology)
  • Work in teams to solve challenges
  • Learn in an active and fun way

It was very nice and interesting to see all the students from the different courses, so involved in the activities, collaborating, working and having fun at the same time. Tests in laboratories, messages hidden with invisible ink, looking for mathematics in works of art, analyzing patterns and iterations in fractals built by themselves, biology words hidden in crossword puzzles, movement formulas applied to pictures of paintings …

Ana Isabel Siguero Chinchilla
Head of Science and Mathematics Department