Fontenebro International School is launching a new project: the Reader Sponsor Program.

The Reader Sponsor Program is an interstage initiative that seeks to foster reading habits and the pleasure of reading in our students. We firmly believe in the power of reading to enrich children’s learning and personal development. This program aims to involve all school students in promoting reading within our community.

Our goal is for students in higher grades to act as reading sponsors (“brothers” and “sisters”) for the younger ones. These “siblings” have been paired with lower grade students and have committed to visiting classrooms to share readings, stories, and book-related conversations; as well as performing in plays, puppet theatres, etc.

The Reader Sponsor Program encourages the habit of reading among younger students, develops communication and leadership skills in older students, and stimulates an enriching and positive learning environment. This program represents a valuable opportunity for our older students to become inspiring mentors to our younger ones.

Our students will meet every month. So far we have carried out two meetings and they have been a complete success. The younger children have expressed their enthusiasm and joy, while the older students have demonstrated their commitment and skills by inspiring the little ones through reading.

We are excited to continue hosting these gatherings each month as we recognize their value in promoting reading and collaborative learning.

Silvia García, Clara de Blas y Casilda Mendaza

Innovation and Project Coordinators