Fontenebro International School, selected from more than 400 centers in Spain, as the Ambassador School of the European Parliament, recognizes the work carried out throughout the last year to promote knowledge about the European Union and its institutions by the student.

Furthermore, in this training event, in which the good practices carried out were shared, our teacher Rut Hidalgo, representing our teachers, received training to continue motivating our student in their knowledge of the European Union and presented the activities carried out during the last year

We are excited to begin our second year as EPA! For our School it is a great opportunity to be part of this project. This course we began with an activity in which 4th ESO students participated in a recreation of a session of the European Parliament. Organized by the different political groups that make up the chamber, they have to carry out modifications to an immigration law. For them they have to defend the position of the party that they have and they have to debate the issues that each of them proposes.

It has been a very dynamic activity that has allowed them to get closer to the reality of the work of a “European politician”