Fontenebro International School has been selected, together with 112 schools from all over Spain, as an Ambassador School of the European Parliament.

This program is aimed at all Secondary and Vocational Training students, with the objective of stimulating young people to get to know Europe and parliamentary democracy, providing them with an active knowledge of the European Parliament.


It is as much about teaching facts about the European Union as it is about giving the opportunity to experience European citizenship: what the Union means in everyday life and what can be done to make Europe the way its citizens want it to be in the future. .

As a participating center, we have committed to:

  • Attend compulsory training in Madrid (face-to-face or online).
  • Keep an updated InfoPoint on the European Parliament in your educational center in a visible place.
  • Work with some online materials provided by the European Parliament (translated into all the languages ​​of the EU and the 4 regional languages ​​of Spain)
  • Carry out activities throughout the course related to the European Union.
  • Celebrate May 9 in your center.


Fontenebro, as an ambassador school of the European Union, we want our students to know their possibilities of action and to understand, among other things, the importance of voting in the elections to the European Parliament. That is why, during these two weeks, we are carrying out a series of activities related to the “European Parliament Ambassador School” project:

  • Last week our 4th ESO students went on a trip to Madrid to receive a talk from the Europe Direct group about the European Union, its institutions and current events within this organization.


  • This Tuesday the 4th ESO students have gone through all the secondary courses to explain to the students what the EU is and how it works. In addition, they played a game with them to bring international reality closer to the classroom.


  • Finally, next week, the last week before the holidays, all the secondary school students are going to work on activities related to the EU within the Escuela Embajadora project. In addition, on the 22nd will be the celebration of Christmas in the different countries of the EU.