Success in the first global TED❌Youth

Success in the first global TEDxYouth event organized by ISP SCHOOLS with the participation of 14 schools in Europe.

The world-renowned TEDxYouth event was held on March 16 at the International School Andalucía (Seville, Spain) where the 14 young speakers shared short talks in English exposing their ideas, opinions and experiences associated with the event’s motto “Young Voices , Big Ideas”, being a source of inspiration for other young people from both ISP Schools and the world.

Our student Nuria A., from 1st year of Baccalaureate, was chosen to be part of the cast of speakers among all the schools in Europe with her proposal “I’m not her”, in which she talks about respect for others and respect towards oneself, but above all of the importance of being oneself to maintain the essence, showing the most authentic version of each one and not showing that version that society expects.

Nuria, along with the rest of the participants, had an exceptional learning experience, experiencing total language immersion and developing their communication skills, as well as critical thinking, leadership and confidence. In addition, together with the other activities that were developed around this event, we can connect, share and depend on other young people from our schools in Europe and make this an “experience that will mark them forever” as one of the students suggested.

As part of ISP SCHOOLS we are very proud of the 14 students who have set the precedent for future TEDxYouth events, for their dedication, commitment, dedication and perseverance during these almost 6 months that the preparation of the event lasted.

We hope other students can be motivated to participate and share their ideas in this very special event.

Clare Croft
Fontenebro International School TEDXYouth Coordinator