Torres de Madrid

Structures and 3D design

This course, due to the restrictions caused by the covid, we have not been able to make our traditional structures with wood and recycled materials. However, making adversity an opportunity, we have taken the opportunity to go much deeper into 3D design with Sketchup for Schools.

The students have worked in teams choosing a building or structure of their interest, they have studied its main structural elements and have had to design it in 3 dimensions with Sketchup. The learning process has been very positive for everyone and our students have achieved fantastic results. I put here a small sample of the designs made:

Madrid Towers, the Atomium (Brussels, Belgium), Burj Khalifa (Dubai), the Red Force roller coaster by Ferrari Land (Port Aventura, Tarragona), Sydney Opera House, the Oceanográfic (Valencia) and the Cirkelbroen Bridge (Copenague).

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