Boys and girls in fifth grade have inaugurated a new formula to create those educational moments that should flood any educational center.

It all started with student A., every time A. intervenes in class with his classmates they pay special attention; he is an equal who expresses himself particularly well and always adds surprising information that attracts and inspires us all.

I proposed to him to create, under my supervision, an exhibition on a topic that he was passionate about and to be accompanied by a presentation capable of seducing such a demanding audience as the fifth graders.

He did not shy away from efforts and put together an exhaustive explanation about “black holes” (no more, no less). The impressive thing about this “moment” was the connection that was produced between the speaker and the public, (against my own interests, he admitted that he had never seen the fifth so dedicated to listening).

That was how it all started; students inspired by another student, with the bar very high, began to propose presentations on varied topics that I had to supervise and, after giving the go-ahead, allow them to be produced in class.

The first was A. who made a delicious sample of mineralogy bringing specimens from home. E. deceived us all with his optical illusions. M. and M. gave us goosebumps by showing us the amount of germs that surround us. M. transported us to the sixties with his detailed explanation of the Beatles. Dinosaurs and all their characteristics exposed by P. and A. Curiosities about different countries and dances that the public had to replicate guided by A. L. C. and M. Also introduced us to the universe of horses and another P. to the Middle Ages. I think none of us will forget those “stellar moments of humanity” by M.

I’m sure I’m missing some, but I have to say that each presentation is an inspiration for the next, each student works a little harder to improve their presentation and be generous with their audience (because it takes generosity to be a good speaker ). They know how to “like” without losing rigor in the explanation. They inspire and are inspiring. Yes, this is education.

As I write this, titles such as “Quantum Physics”, “Mythological beings”, “Alchemy” are pending… How can I not love my work?

Eva Mesa Churruca
Communication Skills Teacher