Mirrors, angles and geometry

In Geometry class, in 1st year of Secondary, we have worked on angles, symmetries and mosaics using protractors, geometric figures and mirrors. Through research, manipulation and the creation of patterns, we have deduced and learned properties of geometric figures, from the measures of their angles that are formed in each figure, from the combination of simple figures to obtain more complex ones…

Collaborating in pairs or in larger groups, we have investigated and learned about the degrees that we needed to open or close the mirror books so that different reflections and therefore different figures appeared. The more mirrors we used in each new proposal, the more times we “multiplied” the geometric combinations, and the more original the mosaic obtained was. We have also investigated the effect of modifying the placement of figures with respect to the mirrors, going from creating in 2 dimensions to 3.

These are just some of the results obtained. There have been many worked and shared



The activity has been very interesting and motivating, and it has also allowed us to see that mathematics and art have a lot in common.

Ana Isabel Siguero Chinchilla Secondary and Baccalaureate Mathematics Teacher

Head of Science and Mathematics Department