Enriching STEAM projects thanks to RetoTech

This new school year 2022/2023, 6th EPO students have been selected to participate in RetoTech and we are very excited. Why?


RetoTech is an initiative that aims to contribute and promote innovative educational projects that transform the training of the youngest. The idea is to develop a technological project that solves a real need in its environment, using techniques such as robotics.


Since we work through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) projects, we thought that participating in the RetoTech contest of the Endesa Foundation would contribute even more to that “T” and “E” to develop ourselves in the areas of technology and engineering. In addition, STEAM projects also share the essence of RetoTech: They respond to the needs of the students’ environment.


In this way, we are very excited and have already started to learn how to design and print in 3D. Likewise, later on we will work on our programming skills and apply that knowledge to use the equipment we have and create different types of robots.


I want to highlight the importance that technology has today as a tool that facilitates the teaching-learning process. ICT has many benefits apart from helping students to develop different skills: students are highly motivated, they can work at their own pace (so it suits different styles, paces and levels of learning) and they can also learn very useful for the present and the future. The use of ICT skills is a transversal content and one of the main objectives of the Primary stage. It is important that children learn to use these tools for learning purposes and become familiar with technological devices.


Let’s learn a lot and try hard! We leave you here the link with the video with which we presented our candidacy this year. We hope you like it.


RetoTech Application


Clara de Blas

Primary School Teacher