We are proud to present you the magnificent work that our 1st year high school students have done throughout their artistic drawing course.

Our students Sara P. and Ana Z. have summarized this work in two videos that they have produced with great enthusiasm and affection, showing all the effort of the course in just a few minutes.

Given the level and artistic knowledge demonstrated by our students, the School has decided to participate in the #VersionaThyssenIX edition of the awards for young creators and creatives organized by the Thyssen Museum, in which we are sure that our students will stand out in a remarkable way.

Ana and Sara have freely interpreted two paintings from the museum’s permanent collection, being “La toilette”, by FranÇoise Boucher, interpreted by Ana, and “The nymph of the fountain”, by Lucas el Viejo Cranach, interpreted by Sara. For the interpretation of these works, they have analyzed the formal and conceptual elements and have thought and reflected on the style they would have chosen to create these works. Each student has made their personal and non-transferable vision and style of the chosen painting with the techniques they deem appropriate, creating their own work inspired by the painting chosen for this purpose.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the contest.

Congratulations Sara and Ana for this magnificent work and congratulations to all the students for your efforts.

Virgina Soler
Bachillerato Art Teacher