In the purest Anna Llenas style, our 4th grade Primary students got down to work trying to express their emotions in the most creative way possible. This author, famous for the story The Monster of Colors, shows us a 7-step path to recognize our emotions. After a short meditation in a pleasant space (Step 1), we reviewed the basic emotions and the importance of always trying to “return” to a state of calm, where we find that internal state of balance, serenity and well-being.

We identify the place in the body where we feel the emotion, we name it and we prepare to “take it out” and put it on paper. Creativity is a fundamental tool in any conflict resolution process, giving us the possibility to “create” various options to free ourselves from said conflict and reach that much desired state of well-being.

Between sequins, wool, feathers, paintings and other materials… the students became authentic artists of their emotions.

Beatriz Escrivá
Primary Oriention Department & Emotional Education Teacher