On Tuesday, December 21st, our 5th and 6th Primary and Secondary students were lucky enough to meet the Dutch adventurer and athlete Jan Fokke Oosterhof in an online chat.

Jan is a professional athlete, personal trainer, adventurer, entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and a staunch defender of nature (part of the environmental project: Green Runner)

He has carried out several polar expeditions and other extreme sports challenges such as the Marathon Des Sables, ascents to various mountains over 4,000 meters, etc.

At this moment he is in Spain doing his latest adventure: Running alone 4,000 km from Holland to Portugal. Jan has been running an average of 20 to 80 km per day for more than 100 days, sleeping in a tent most days, without technical assistance and carrying just enough in a backpack.

On Tuesday, Jan made a break in his career and attended us from Burgos, from where he connected online with our students who were able to learn about Jan’s life and experiences. They asked him many questions about his adventures and expeditions, and Jan told us what how important sport is in your life and how you use it to fulfill your dreams.

We hope that Jan successfully completes his challenge and when he returns from it in January, he can visit us in person at school.

I want to give a special thanks to Susi, the infant English teacher, for offering us the opportunity to meet her friend Jan and for our students to have had a unique learning experience.

Javier Rivera
Head of the Physical Education Department