On October 26th, the Cambridge, Delf and Goethe-Zertifikat certificates for the exams taken at the school took place.

First of all, we want to congratulate all the students who have taken the exams to achieve a qualification that requires a great knowledge of the language and above all a lot of tenacity and perseverance for its acquisition.

Year after year the results obtained improve and we will continue working to achieve higher levels of language learning in the coming years. The School continues to develop measures to promote and improve the learning of the English language, understanding it as a key part of a totally bilingual educational project that develops the five skills in learning English: speaking, listening, writing, reading and oral fluency. Each year the number of students submitted to the calls is greater and we hope that this trend will continue to rise to achieve a certificate that will be very useful for both their academic and professional life.

In this last call, the students have obtained:


– FIRST 100% approved

– ADVANCED 95% passed (2 of them reach B2)

– PROFICIENCY 100% approved


– 8 students submitted to A2 (7 passed)


– A1 100% approved

– A2 100% approved

Our most sincere congratulations to all the students for the effort made and for the results obtained!


Guillaume Dujardin

Coordinator of the Language Department