We already have prepared our ski and snowboard trip for students from 3rd Primary to 4th ESO from Sunday March 26 to Thursday March 30, 2022 to the Cerler station.
The Cerler ski resort is located in the Aragon Pyrenees and is an ideal place for our students to enjoy learning or improving the practice of these beautiful winter sports and where they can live a unique vital experience together with the rest of their schoolmates.
For this trip we continue to count on the collaboration and experience of the company and the monitors of the “Club Huellas” (www.clubhuellas.com)


The main objectives of this activity are:


  • Practice and learn a physical and sports activity as a resource to occupy free and leisure time, increasing the physical qualities involved, valuing the social, environmental and cultural aspects that are associated with its practice.
  • Getting to know the sport of skiing/snowboarding through fun, always ensuring safety, while promoting values ​​such as effort, the ability to excel and camaraderie.
  • Offer a complementary activity to formal education, which serves to enrich the development of the student on a personal, social and human level.
  • Promote the integration and active participation of all students in an atmosphere of cordiality, camaraderie and dynamism.
  • Instill values ​​such as: autonomy, rules of coexistence, respect, sociability, cooperation, healthy habits and respect for the environment.




On Thursday, November 24 at 6:00 p.m., an online briefing will take place. In this meeting we will explain the details of the trip and you will be able to resolve any possible doubts.


Meeting link: You have to enter through the Club Huellas intranet and register with the code NJO.026 and go to the meeting section in the web tabs.


For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by

email to: j.rivera@fontenebroschool.com or the school phone.




  • Round trip by high-end bus from the School to the ski resort of Cerler (Distance: 574 km. Approximately 8-9 hours of travel with the obligatory stops included).
  • Half board at the Aparthotel SNö Edelweis. 4 nights. (Hotel website)
  • Hot meal + drink in the restaurant of the ski resort-4 meals.
  • Rental of complete ski carving or snowboard equipment (including helmet) and ski pass for the 4 days.
  • Ski/snow lessons throughout the day: with Club Huellas monitors. The classes will be divided into different level groups and will always be with the same monitor assigned to each group.
  • 1 Monitor for every 10 students. Supervision of the students during the 24 hours.
  • 2 PE teachers (Pilar Romo and Javier Rivera) + accompanying teachers from the school all day.
  • Base camp on the slopes and communication by stations between teachers-monitors on the slopes.
  • Program of recreational activities organized in the hotel or its surroundings (animations, disco, cooperative games, fun and fun, etc.)
  • Fontenebro International School identification vest for our students.
  • Travel, accident and ski/snow insurance.
  • Option to hire cancellation insurance.



The food that will be made en route on the day of departure. For this day they can carry sandwiches prepared from their homes in the backpack.

Dinner on the day of return is also not included. For this day, everyone must bring €10 that the school teachers will keep for them throughout the week (Primary School students).



The price of the trip amounts to:


€620 ski modality.
€655 snowboard modality.


To reserve a place: Registration will open from Thursday, November 24 at 7:30 p.m., until Sunday, December 4 at 11:59 p.m., you must enter the Club Huellas website: http://www.clubhuellas .com/ , click on the “Register” tab and register with your personal email account, the password you want and the following code: NJO.026

Once registered, you must follow all the steps that the online platform tells you.

Once the online registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your child’s data sheet. You must sign this sheet and send it by email (administracion@fontenebroschool.com) or deliver it, along with the reservation payment receipt, to the school secretary.

The order of reservations will be respected, since places are limited.


To formalize the reservation you must enter:


€320 (Ski) or €355 (Snowboard) in the account number that will be provided when you register online.


In case of subsequent cancellation, said amount will not be refunded.


The rest (300 euros) will be charged through 2 options to choose between these two:


OPTION 1: €300 to be collected in the March receipt.


OPTION 2: €100 per month to be collected on the receipts for January, February and March.


The realization of this activity is subject to a minimum number of students.


In the case of snowboarding, a minimum of 6 students per group and level will be needed.




The recommended luggage to be carried by students is the following:


  • Ski pants.
  • Anorak or waterproof jacket, polar, leggings or tights, thermal fiber shirts or similar.
  • Changes, ski socks, enough underwear for every day and a hat.
  • Ski goggles with sunscreen and 2 pairs of ski gloves.
  • Lip protection and protective cream with a very high or extreme factor (50 FPF).
  • Comfortable clothes for the rest of leisure and rest activities.
  • Mountain boots and sneakers.
  • Bag for dirty clothes and wet clothes.
  • Bag and toiletries.
  • Photocopy of the Social Security card and DNI (if you have it).
  • €20 in cash, divided into €5 bills. For leisure time
  • €10 in cash for dinner on the way back.



Every day and during the trip, we will post updated information, photos and videos on our twitter account (@EFYDEPORTESLF)


However, in case of emergency you can contact us at a mobile phone number that we will have 24 hours a day.


Students may NOT bring mobile phones.


Hoping that this proposal is to your liking,


Receive an affectionate greeting,


Javier Rivera

Coordinator of the Department of Physical Education.