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In 6th grade, we are working on our “Beverage Factory Project” where we have created a healthy drink to raise awareness about the consumption of sugary drinks. We are working and learning in a transversal way. But how? We tell you:

From “Natural Science” we have learned about the human body, the role of nutrition, nutrients … as well as materials, and their properties to create the perfect bottle for our drink. On the other hand, in Mathematics we have decided the measures and proportions of each ingredient and, together with Language, we have created the recipe to make it. In addition, in English, we have started our marketing campaign to see what is special and for whom our fantastic drink is. Finally, thanks to the subjects of Programming, Art, and Communication we are now at the moment of the design project of the bottle (creating the prototypes thanks to the design and 3D printing), the logo (Plastic), and the advertising spot (Communication).

But what role does Reto Tech play in all this? Reto Tech is an educational innovation project based on the development of technological projects through different techniques of robotics, programming and creation of apps. Thanks to this project, we are designing and 3D printing the bottles for our healthy drinks. In addition, we are considering the way to distribute the drink and Reto Tech fits perfectly with the project: Thanks to the knowledge and skills that we have acquired throughout the course in the Programming class, we have the idea of ​​using the equipment of which We have and create a vending machine and a waiter robot for the fair to present our drinks.

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Clara de Blas and Luis Zumárraga