During this year, our school has joined the Litter Less Campaign, as  a part of our Eco-Schools membership. 

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of The Wrigley Company Foundation and FEE on Litter, including schools from 35 different countries and more than 800.000 students all around the world.

 Our objective is to reduce the amount of garbage produced in our school, as well as increasing the recycled percentage of litter collected.

 In a first stage, our students carried out a study of the amount of garbage produced in the playground and ratios of different types of litter collected in the bins. We detected that there were two main issues to improve: the number of bottles, cans and other containers and the poor classification of garbage in the bins.

 In order to reduce the amount of containers collected, the school bought a number of stainless steel bottles to be distributed among our younger students, so they can keep and use them for years to come. This was found to be the best option, as plastics are not so durable and healthy.

 In addition to that, a number of garbage bins have been painted in yellow and marked as “for recycling only”. We aim to increase the amount of garbage recycled to an 80% just by doing a proper classification.

 Simple things like reducing and recycling can make a difference.


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