Collaborative Artwork in Years 1 to 3

We worked in groups to produce these gardens of roses.  We drew the stems and leaves using oil pastels and then printed the flowers using celery.

Year 3 worked in groups to make these tissue paper butterflies.  We drew the shapes using pastel first, being careful to create symmetrical designs.  After that we used tissue paper to fill in the patterns.  They are translucent in the window, letting the light shine through,

Year 2 made 3D flowers using a recycled plastic bottle and tissue paper.  We cut open the bottle and then folded strips of it to make the petal supports.  Each petal was carefully cut and stuck and then we made the stem, using newspaper rolled up.  We covered each roll with more tissue paper and attached it to the flower head.  Finally, we added leaves.  While making these flowers we practiced saying the parts of a flowering plant.

All our artwork is transforming primary into a spectacular spring garden for Open Day.


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