Like every year, at Fontenebro International School we organize a cultural week related to a specific theme. This year, we have decided to learn more about the Medieval Era.

“The Middle Ages and the Castles” is a project developed in this second quarter of the year. This project was born as an interdisciplinary initiative in the different stages of the school, integrated into our educational curriculum from Early Years, through Primary and up to Secondary. Using the creation and construction of a castle, we would like to develop in our students a taste for art, creativity, ethics and the ability to find meaning in a work, develop a critical spirit, inquiry, approach and look at another time and another way of life, conforming, as well as an interdisciplinary project developed transversally and longitudinally. In it we collect the samples and results of a magnificent learning process that we have all enjoyed, students and teachers.

With this union of stages and subjects to the project, it has been possible to provide a different learning approach from each area of ​​knowledge. In addition, the participation of students and teachers from different stages has caused a much more enriching learning process. The project “The Middle Ages and the castles” has allowed our students to achieve knowledge in a global, active, constructive, cooperative, contextualized and practical way in a more dynamic and fun way.

Hugo Liz de Castro
Head of School