We are pleased to inform you that we have a new member in our community:

We introduce you to Anzac, a little chimpanzee who unfortunately was a victim of poaching, a terrible activity with which our little girl lost her mother and suffered the amputation of an arm. The rapid deforestation of their habitat is causing these animals to be left without their forests, without food and without shelter, causing them to be very unprotected against poaching.

Despite this horrific fact, Aznac and many chimpanzees who suffer from this type of atrocities are fortunate to be supported and have a wonderful center that is responsible for the rehabilitation and care of these animals: the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center of the Jane Goodall Institute. Thanks to this center, we have been able to be part of this incredible initiative by sponsoring this beautiful rehabilitated chimpanzee in Tchimpounga.

The sponsorship of Anzac by Laude Fontenebro School has been possible thanks to the collection of mobile phones that we have carried out among all the families and staff of the school. This collection has made it possible to recover the raw materials with which telephones are produced, especially coltan, thus reducing the overexploitation of various territories and supporting educational programs aimed at children at risk and conservation in Africa, but above all to stop the exploitation of people for the acquisition of this type of material.

Anzac was recently relocated with 4 other chimpanzees to one of 3 islands to which Jane Goodall Institute staff are transferring large numbers of chimpanzees. Between these 3 islands, up to 100 chimpanzees will find a new home in the incredible virgin forests that grow on them. To achieve this result, large investments in human, logistical and financial resources have been necessary. Thanks to this, our little Anzac will have the opportunity to enjoy the enormous Ngombe forest, a true paradise where Anzac and his group will enjoy exploring and discovering all the wonders of the forest. Now it’s time for the little girl’s integration process with the other chimpanzees, which we will inform you about later.

We are very grateful to have your collaboration to carry out this initiative! We will inform you of the progress of the precious Anzac!

Eva Mesa
Ecoschool Department