Everyone knows the importance that music has had in our humanity. Already in ancient Greece it was one of the disciplines that was given the most importance, its study being mandatory. Later in the Middle Ages Minstrels and Troubadours appeared relating music and secular texts. This made possible an approach of music to the people.

Music is the universal language par excellence, since people from different countries and languages ​​coexist in an orchestra, and they can interpret a work without any problem.

In recent decades, the different studies that have been carried out show the great relationship between music and mathematics.

Regarding the subject of geography and history, it is very important to know how to relate the customs and history of that country, since it is not the same to interpret Chopin than to interpret Falla.

In literature, the great relationship between the two has also been revealed, such as in the symphonic poems of Romanticism with the Goethe texts.

It goes without saying how important it is for sensory-cognitive and psychomotor development.

I personally believe that being able to play an instrument is an opportunity that no human being should miss, either to share it with people or to enjoy it oneself.

Marcos Iglesias Segura
Music Teacher