The drum is a complex instrument, a set of percussion elements. Due to its attractive variety and richness of sounds, it requires technical mastery of all components, knowledge of musical language, of different musical styles, rhythmic and motor coordination, concentration and auditory sensitivity.

Learning to play drums is very beneficial to stimulate important skills in children:

Physical – motor skills, coordination, control, independence

  • Develops the musical ear and the sense of rhythm
  • Strengthens motor skills, control and the sense of discipline thanks to study routines

Mental – memory, concentration, agility, reasoning

  • Improves attention, concentration, logical thinking and memory
  • Develop musical knowledge
  • Enhances reasoning and comprehension skills by working and analyzing the scores of musical pieces
  • Stimulates brain ability, influences people’s long-term development
  • Help better academic performance

Emotional – emotions, expressiveness, interpretation, enjoyment, self-esteem

  • Encourages musical performance as part of emotional expression
  • Helps the student develop their sensitivity and artistic personality
  • Promotes self-esteem through artistic achievements
  • Encourage social interaction by playing with other musicians
  • Reduce stress

The objective of learning from the beginning to the study of the drums is to use with progressively greater autonomy the technical and musical knowledge to perfect the interpretive skills.

The learning process is carried out:

  • By Fragments
  • Choruses, stanzas
  • Fills (Breaks)
  • Practice parts of the drum score: articulation, stop-silences, dynamics, expression.
  • Unite the entire structure of the drum score
  • Combine what you have learned with other instruments – piano, percussion, guitars, voice

To master the instrument and achieve good results in the drum class we work:

  • Technical exercises
  • Solos for drums
  • Drums and other instruments
  • Pop Rock songs with CD
  • Sheet music for group play
  • Introduction to the style of jazz
  • Dialogues for two drums or drums and another percussion instrument

Getting a good technical base allows a fluent interpretation, mastering musical styles, expanding the repertoire, combining instruments, making dialogues, playing in a group, enjoying playing.

The video we present is the result of the work in the drums classes – a composition by Orlin Gergov for drums and piano performed by Adrián Rivera.


Orlin Georgiev Gergov
Profesor de batería y piano