Six students from 1st of ESO (Alba, Lucía, Silvia, Suky, Elsa, and Claudia)  have been successful in obtaining a grant from ISP to make their ideas  improve sustainability happen

The initiative was launched as part of the ISP Futures ILOS (International Learning Opportunity for Students) earlier this term.  Our ISP Futures coordinators, María Ruíz and Bea Dapena worked with the students to guide them with their application and we are all delighted that it was successful.

Fontenebro International School has received funding to advance two different projects.  In one project three students will take the lead on changing the taps in the student toilets to sensor taps in order to save water.  In the other, another 3 students will take the lead on creating a ‘Trash-hunter’ app to teach younger children about recycling.

Beejhal Parekh, the ISP International Opportunities Manager, commented that ISP loved ‘how the projects are led by students’ and that it was wonderful how ‘the enthusiasm and passion comes across’.

As a school we are working hard to not only offer our students international opportunities but to make our school more sustainable and keep progressing as an Ecoschool.  Therefore, we are delighted with this achievement.


María Ruiz & Beatriz Dapena

ISP Futures Coordinators