The VII Great International Seabed Cleanup took place on the weekend of September 25 in more than 30 points in Spain. The volunteers from Fontenebro International School and its ECO-SCHOOL, made up of a team of divers and another team on foot, among them the Director of the Center Hugo Liz de Castro and other members of the staff, went to the beaches of Bolnuevo (Murcia), where they retired a huge amount of waste from the coasts and the seabed, thus reducing a serious environmental problem that notably affects marine ecosystems. Among the 30 points in Spain, 9,000 kg of marine litter was removed in just one weekend.

The action of the NGO and all the volunteers involved in this wonderful initiative is of vital importance to reduce the immense amount of garbage found in the oceans and that considerably harms marine flora and fauna, but it is also very important to give visibility to the matter to become aware.

Thanks to the initiative and involvement of the NGO Oceánidas, to all the divers that make up the Marine Watch Network, to the Spanish Association of Marine Litter (AEBAM), to the Association Vertidos CERO and to the leaders of the “PROYECTO LIBERA, SEO / BirdLife and Ecoembes, for making possible this initiative that will mark the future of marine ecosystems.

Luis Martinez,
Diving Club and Head of Risk Prevention