We tell you a little about the progress of the precious Anzac.

He continues to adapt to the daily routine on Ngombe Island. She is a popular chimpanzee in her group and has many friends. Sometimes, though, the adult males are too rough with her, especially when keepers at the Jane Goodall Institute call the chimpanzees to the riverbank to feed them. These calls cause the large males to begin their displays of force, pushing and hitting other chimpanzees, but because of how young Anzac is, he cannot defend himself and hides behind bushes until the food has been distributed, everyone calms down and he can get out. for his portion. His goal is bananas and watermelons, there is nothing he likes more!

When mealtime is over, Anzac loves to play with his two best friends, Sam and Hehe. They love to play among the jungle vines and jump into the bushes as if they were a pool. Sam is calmer, but Anzac and Jeje spend most of the day chasing each other through the dense vegetation of Ngombe Island. Although Anzac is missing his left arm from the elbow, his feet make up for any games or activities he does, so he is having a very happy life surrounded by his new family.

Eva Mesa Churruca
Member of the Eco-school Committee