TEDx Youth is a global event involving 14 schools from all over Europe. We want our students to enjoy this international experience, to meet students from other ISP schools, and to be able to develop their communication skills, languages, social skills and responsibility, since the possibility of being a TEDx Youth speaker is really only .


Our TEDx Youth is an event oriented to our students and with live speakers – in this case, our own students – sharing short talks, serving as a source of knowledge and inspiration for young people around the world. The event is in the spirit of TED events: multidisciplinary, focused on the power of ideas to change lives and, ultimately, the world.


Students will improve their ability to deliver an exciting, engaging, and eloquent TED Talk. This program will last for three days, with each day focused on the following topics:


● Day 1: Tell a story + Structure a TED Talk
● Day 2: How to engage an audience + Build presentation skills and confidence
● Day 3: Practicing TED Talks + Methods for Building Useful Feedback


It will be an unforgettable experience!