Why choose us?

FONTENEBRO SCHOOL offers a comprehensive and personalised educational project for each and every one of our pupils, in accordance with the qualities, aptitudes and values that they will need in the future. We focus our attention on learning and to this end we carry out more than 250 classroom observations a year to check and improve the learning process of our pupils.

Our students learn in a welcoming, pleasant and comfortable environment, in a setting and with teachers who care about their emotional well-being as the basis for their learning.

We are part of the international group ISP (International School Partnership), which currently has more than 50 schools in the Middle East, the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica, England and Europe, among others.

Our aim is learning, understood as the process of constantly improving our knowledge, skills and understanding. For learning to take place, it is necessary that a series of repeated experiences take place through which we activate the brain and establish the necessary connections. This phenomenon occurs through what we call good struggle, a term that reflects how the learner learns by stepping out of their comfort zone and overcoming manageable difficulties appropriate to their level. We assume as a reality in our classrooms that each student learns in different ways and at different times.

Our commitment is to the integral formation of the pupil, working not only on the acquisition of knowledge, but also on the development of skills, talents, abilities and, at the same time, promoting education in universal values.

We develop social and communication skills, we contribute to the development of solvent students, complete people, capable of continuing to learn throughout their lives, curious, cultured, educated and responsible. We train people capable of managing their present and directing their own future.

International Education Project

  • International Curriculum in EPO and ESO.
  • Development of skills and talents from 1 to 18 years old.
  • Emotional education and values.
  • Active methodology, encouraging creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.
  • Environmental education ECOESCUELA.

Personalised teaching

  • Small groups.
  • Teacher/student ratio 1:7.
  • Personalised support in the classroom.
  • Careful tutorial work.

Excellent results

  • 100% submitted and passed, among the 10 best marks of EVAU.
  • 70% of students with access marks above 10/14.
  • Recognition by the Carlos III University for Academic Excellence.
  • Among the 50 best schools in Spain according to Forbes, La Razón and El Español.

Bilingüismo Real

  • 100% in English up to 3 years old.
  • 60% in English in EPO and ESO.
  • Bilingual and native teachers.
  • Stays abroad. International Group.

Incluido en la actividad curricular

  • Official Examination Centre. Cambridge, Goethe and Delf.
  • Communication Skills and Drama.
  • Third language: French, German and Chinese.
  • Musical Training. Trinity Examination Centre.
  • Robotics, programming and electronics.
  • Swimming, physical education and psychomotor skills.